Daniel's First Thread

Marc, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for our wide-ranging conversation today. (Sept. 14, 2020)

I will fulfill the first of my promises to share Tufte’s Work in an accessible way, in the next two messages. That is where the fun can begin.

Here I would like to say how much I look forward to your company - as we work on the space of possibility you opened with the Shared Care Plan, and your work with the RJW - and on and on, into the neighborhood. Into the real world neighborhood.

I continue to have an appetite to hear you unfold how you came to be a Doctor, and what kind of doctor you became. And of your encounters with “Patients” along the way.

I also have an appetite to hear you illuminate what you observed as a doctor with the Patient Records.

I am fascinated by what YOU observed being used (OR missing OR not used) in the form Continuity of Care Document of any kind. And the Social practices - or lack of social practices around what you called the Shared Care Plan. And any other earlier or later Continuity of Care social practices.

You have been an observer / advocate for health at unit of observation and action of the County or the community. I hear that you have a deep feel and sense about the neighborhood - both geographic and including other kinds of Neighborhoods As a Meaningful Unit.

Yes! Let’s go explore there. I am looking for how and where I can assist you exactly there.

I am interested in your stories and world view, in no small part because you have been the MD, that I aspired to be from the ages of 7 til I was 22. I was Raised to be a Doctor, by family and cultural values and by my experience with 2 truly wonderful doctors when I was a child.

As we (you and I and folks we each bring) work to fulfill the space of possibility you opened with your Shared Care Plan explorations and formulations, I look forward to finding practical answers to my twin questions: Where I can be of real service, today? and What is My Job, Now?

Let’s work on a Remodling project together. Hard hats and gloves on. Let’s Remodel the Patient Record. Let’s start by making it Portable.

Marc, here is to you and to the fun and challenges ahead.


I am not going to take pains to carefully proof read my private messages to you and I ask your tolerance for this learned habit.

Second E-mail

Hi Marc,

Here is part two of my introduction to Tufte and his current work.

Here is interesting Medium article that attempts to illuminate and summarize Tufte’s Microsoft Keynote: - and his new work on the The Last Interface - The Thinking Eye.

Medium says - "This talk will make you reconsider cognitive bias and develop a “thinking eye” like Galileo. | by Gabriel Mott Colors | Towards Data Science"

Of particular interest to me is the difference and possibilities of using the Swiss Maps and their contour lines

- to vastly improve on the amount of information in a map

- vs. the relative “flatland” maps we find in Apple and Google Maps.

There is so much room for improvement… !!!

I have a strong sense of the potential value of using the map as a central metaphor for seeing and navigating the spaces of health and care. What do you think we should put on one side Side One of the 11 x 17’ sheet of paper?

This is going to be fun!