Remodel the Patient Record

And see what kinds of fun we can have in the process.

Imagine, A Personal and Portable and Precise Patient Record for people to see together.

For people and their doctors, and caregivers and family to be able to look at their life and their exact context as a Biological Holon. All relevant data. Room for Identities and all.

And to be able to dial in the right information to use in their neighborhood.

Let’s aim for $1, the cost to print an 11 x 17 color sheet, printed on both sides.

And let’s work with others to find the right business models to allow this to get remodeled, refined and to scale as quickly as healthy interest will require.

As Tufte says. Let’s see if we can create a way for all of us “to be approximately right instead of exactly wrong."


“The Shared Care Plan never died :| It just changed state."

Bonnie carried various versions of her Shared Care Plan in her purse to work with a dozen Specialists at Dana Farber Cancer Clinic and at Brigham and Womens in Boston, and at Duke Bone Marrow Clinic in Durham NC and at 7 other Hospital and Clinics and Rehabilitation Hospitals for 6 years. For 9 years Bonnie had been given a succession of “Oh my… we are so sorry… It appears you may only have a few months or a year to live” diagnoses.

Bonnie learned to Become a Competent Patient, pretty damn quick. And she traveled with her version of her Shared Care Plan in her purse.

Bonnie’s PhD is in Communication. Her Post Doctoral Work at Stanford was on how Technologies and Social Practice come to be Widely Adopted.

Bonnie taught Software Design at Stanford University in Terry Winograd’s class, attended by Larry Page. Terry Winograd is a co-author of the original Page Rank Paper, in which Google’s special sauce was first spelled out.

Bonnie received her copy of the Shared Care Plan through you Marc. It was the reason we came to Bellingham to work with you at St. Joesph’s Hospital / Peace Health in the summer of 2003. Bonnie did her summer of field work as a Chaplain in your St. Joesph’s Heart ICU Unit and Cardiac Ward. (need to verify that it was the summer of 2003 and not 2004).

Bonnie used her training and skills in Rhetoric and Communication - to remodel her Shared Care Plan to be displayed on a single page of paper, 8.5 x 11”, printed on both sides.

Some doctors and patients made xerox copies of her version of her Shared Care Plan and began to experiment with it. Tufte describes his independently developed, single page to take into a Doctor’s appointment to support much better and clearer, brief conversations with your doctor.

So the Shared Care Plan never died. It simply changed state, even when it did not find long term, county-wide use in Whatom County WA, or become a widely distributed fruit delivered from the tree of Microsoft Health Vault decade of efforts.

We can see that the original Shared Care Plan started life as a workbook, that produced, 4 to 8 serial, static pages of vital information in booklet form. Edward Tufte shows us how we can do better today.

It is matter of design and community use ... - and it is a matter of community design to see just how much better we can do today and tomorrow. Clearly we can, and have to do better.

Today we can give our selves "a chance to be approximately correct rather than exactly wrong” - to quote Edward Tufte - about our health and care and our contributions in Life.